Saturday, August 22, 2009


I believe this might be the two ranges I'll be pulling colors from.....

Warm Tones

Cool Tones

Color, a difficult decision

We have six weeks left until closing and I am beginning to feel the pressure. I have dreamed of decorating my own house for the past seven years, the time is finally here and I'm struggling. I believe the problem is that I like TOO MANY different styles as opposed to one particular type. Maybe this means I really an eclectic at heart?

To add to my dilemma, we have scheduled a paint party for the weekend following our closing. For those of you who are wondering what a paint party is, its a party filled with fun, great food and plenty of paint brushes to put to work. Paul & I have NEVER painted before so we are calling on the great experience and skill of our friends.

So I need to have my mind made up on the basics of each room. When I've looked at paint colors I have found myself leaning towards cool tones..blues, greys and such

HOWEVER I've always said I preferred a warm tones in a house. It makes it me feel all warm, cozy and friendly.


If I HAD decorator, they would probably think I'm slightly nuts!

A friend loaned me "The New Color Book" by Mitchell Beazley. It suggest deciding what kind of mood you want your house to create. Peaceful, dramatic, efficient (is that even a mood?), comfortable, welcoming, somber, studious, etc. After a long day at work I believe peaceful is that mood I want my house to exude (Ha! That rhymes).According to Beazley, colors in which blues and greens predominate are perceived as cool, relaxing, passive and calming....exactly what I want!

Perhaps I should try a Monochromatic color scheme, maybe just sticking to one color or different densities of the same color is the best way to go for a newbie!


I asked someone to clear the table.......

and this is what I got instead. Ha!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Praise God!

Last week was the South West Believers Convention here in Fort Worth, TX. A powerful week filled with God's Word If you missed it, watch online now!

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