Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Garden Layout

In the past, I haven't always been the most organized gardener. In fact, I tend to throw seeds and plants into my garden willy nilly, hoping to figure them out later. BUT NOT THIS YEAR!

This year I got organized. I laid out a plan, purchased my seeds well in advance and while I didn't plant as early as I would have liked, I did get my seeds in the ground by the last frost date. Also, I planned each bed and created a layout to remember what I planted and where. They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing layouts (they lines aren't even), but they will keep me for pulling those plants that resemble weeds later. 

For those of you who remember how much I enjoy Garden Surprises, I still have my "Random Bed" that I composted in all we will see what pops up there.

Garden Bed #4

Birthday Garden Bed

General layout for the whole garden

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Planting day

Yesterday was beautiful! The sun was shining, the wind was gently blowing and I KNOW I heard birds chirping. Seeing as it was our last frost date and we have a forecast clear of freezing temps, I decided it was finally time to plant.

I began with the new raised bed my husband assembled last month. I planted six of my Tomato seedlings with plenty of Nasturtiums, Basil and Chives. While it is a newly raised bed, it is actually regular garden bed #4 as I call it, we just added walls and more manure to it. We had Squash in that bed the last two years (I know, that is a big no-no and I paid for it in the Squash Vine borer department)

I also got to work on my Birthday Garden Bed (He finished it on my birthday last year) adding manure, pulling weeds and removing last year's mulch to make room for the seeds.

I went very BioIntensive with my plantings in this bed, at some points completing ignoring the spacing requirements on the seed packets. I had real problem with this bed drying out in the Texas summer heat last year and I'm determined that there will be foliage covering every inch of soil in this bed by summer. Its called Living Mulch because it protects soil microorganisms, reduce water loss, and maximize yields

I planted:

Sweet Corn - Silver Queen
Sunflowers - Mammoth
Beans - Sunset, Rattlesnake, Pinto, Royal Burgundy
Oregano - 4 Packets. I hear its great for pest control
Zucchini - Dark Star
Yellow Squash
Vegetable Spaghetti
Patty Pan
Marigolds - Also for pest control
Melons - Cantaloupe, Prescott Fond Blanc


Has the weather warmed up enough in your area to plant? 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bunnies and more

We have had an invasion of Bunnies this spring. Every night I spot one in my yard and I hope to catch one on camera soon! Sadly, bunnies are really into broccoli.


I recently spotted a head growing on my broccoli, but decided to be patient and harvest once it grow bigger. The bunnies got to it first. Bummer.

Here what has grown back so far -

Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1st

Didn't happen, exactly. For months I have been planning for a March 1st planting day. My unofficial last frost date arrived and I woke up to frost on the roof tops and an 18 hour weather forecast that predicts 31 degrees tonight that will feel more like 22 degrees. 

When life hands you lemons, or just really cool make popsicles (?)
Or in this case, you put your brand new cold frame to use and call it a day.


In the past I've shared about my desire to improve my writing through practice. That is one of the reasons I maintain this blog.  However, it is incredibly easy to allow the cares of life to filter in and distract you from doing what you know your supposed to do.

Sometimes, it is easier to procrastinate or do "just a little" to feel acomplished and then never complete the project. My personal goal for 2013 is to complete the unfinished projects of 2012. To focus on what I know The Lord has directed me to do and set aside the things that he hasn't.

As Terry Savelle Foy puts it "Procrastination is just another trap to keep you from fulfilling your dreams and goals." Terry goes on to explain in her March 2013 letter how procrastination in the small things carries over to the large things in our life. So, by choosing to not write a little on a daily basis I am actually procrastinating on a dream to write on a larger scale later in life.

Enter Speedbo. Speedbo is a 31 day writing challenge held by the Seekerville blog that motivates aspiring writers to put aside their inner critic and just write! Each writer sets a daily or weekly writing goal with the focus of completing an entire book. I will be aiming for 1k words a week. I know....not a lot considering that I should be able to write 1k in a hour, but I've got to start somewhere!

So here is to more than just goal setting, here is to goal obtaining!

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