Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Snow Flakes

I live in Texas, so rarely do I get to see snow. However, growing up in South Carolina we were practically guaranteed 1 to 2 snow days a year. At one point we got three days of snow IN A ROW! My very creative little brother soon realized that a recycling bin was the true key in building a “Southern Igloo” and so our roofless Igloo was built. It reached 10 feet tall (no I’m not exaggerating) and someone even called the local news to come out and film the experience. It made the rolling credits at the end of the 6 O’clock WIS news that day.

Ever since those three days of winter wonderland I’ve been OBESSED with the idea of getting snow. Each year I pray for snow and then each time its get super chilly I check the local weather report for ANY possibility of snow. I’m serious when I say ANY, even if the only mention of snow is 10% precipitation and a possible low of 32 degrees…Its enough for me!

So imagine my surprise on December 2nd when I just happened to be checking the local weather report for the 5th time that day and I noticed……the possibility of snow! Now keep in mind that the possibility for snow wasn’t actually for my town, or city, or county…..nope somewhere many miles away. That was still close enough for me. I spent the evening updating my excitement on Facebook and later dreaming of my winter wonderland.

I awoke in the morning to complete sadness when I noticed nothing by soggy grass and slick wet driveway. I decided to make the best of the day despite my disappointment only to look out the window thirty minutes later to discover SNOW!

I posted the pictures so you can enjoy my early winter wonderland as well. I’m planning for more this year.