Saturday, July 28, 2012

multicolored carrots!

Find some more carrots in one of the Tomato beds. I was mulching with straw and notice their tops sticking out, to my surprise they are multicolored!

Massive Cucumber

 This was my cucumber harvest from last week. I actually wasn't even harvesting, just pulling some weeds around my cucumbers and found these three. Check out the massive cucumber on the right; I've never grown one that size before! It was the width of my palm!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Today's Harvest

I harvested the rest of my carrots left over from spring this morning. It was great. 
 I believe these are the Red Cored Chantenay variety since they are shorter and stocky.

 Earlier in the week I harvested some Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes from a friends garden, a cucumber from my garden and another one of those "I think it might be a cucumber, but its so yellow?!?". The Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes were a surprise, because they came from a tomato plant I blessed her with earlier this year. It was from the batch of tomato plants I grew from seed, but didn't mark properly. That seems to be the story of this season for me! A lot has been marked incorrectly. I have to admit though, that I think I'll be "mis-marking" on purpose next year...because this is fun!

After harvesting, I went ahead and seeded one of my garden beds with a cereal rye as a compost crop. I choose mine from Bountiful Gardens. Its an overwintering variety, and I'm guessing that means I compost it next spring? Feel free to comment if that is not correct :)

Watermelon Season

Friday, July 6, 2012

Name this vegetable

My labels are really mixed up this year. First I bought two plants that were labeled Okra and turned out to be cucumbers, then the plant labeled cucumber turns out like this -

 I knew something was up when I spotted several female flowers that didn't look like the others. At first I just assumed they were a different variety of cucumber, like Armenian Cucumbers which I like. Then they started growing wider.......and turning yellow on top. I noticed them this afternoon and I have wondered if they are spaghetti squash, but the plant is just like a cucumber.....only not.

 So, I Google cucumber varieties and I came across the Lemon Cucumber (below). I'm still not sure if this is what I have, so if you happen to know leave me a comment please :) This is one of the best parts of gardening, trying to figure out what it is your growing!

                                                                   (Furney's Nursery)

 Also, my watermelon is growing strong.

And there is plenty of rain in the forecast for the DFW Metroplex this coming week. My garden is going to love it!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Cucumbers

I came back from New Orleans to find several cucumbers had grown in my absence. What a treat!
Also, there were two Zucchinis ready to pick as well. 

The temps have dropped for this week, last week we had highs in the 100s. The temperature in New Orleans was in the mid 90s last week, but with the humidity it actually seemed hotter. Being a Carolina Girl you would think I wouldn't have notice the increased humidity, but I've apparently spent far too long in the dry North Texas air.

Happy 4th of July!

The Tomato Hornworm has arrived

Opened the back door last week and found this little guy on my doorstep. About ten feet from my Tomato plants. I'm not sure how he made it this far, but I haven't spotted a single horn worm on my Tomato plants.