Sunday, August 11, 2013

Common Ground

I recently joined a writer's critique group in the North Richland Hills area and on my way to the first meeting, I stumbled across a community garden named Common Ground. Since DFW is a fairly large metroplex, I assumed we had community gardens. I have just never actually seen a community garden in person before. I was so impressed!
I stopped by on my way home to look around and hopefully speak with a gardener or two. Since it was 12:45pm and nice 102 outside there wasn't a gardener in sight. So, I grabbed my phone and took a lot of pictures instead.
I discovered that peppers, okra, cantaloupes, watermelon, beans and squash are really popular with other gardeners right now. It was neat to learn that Bell Peppers grow nicely in this heat, especially since I haven't grown them assuming otherwise. I already knew that okra grows amazingly in our summers, but I had no idea how well. Some of the okra plants were the size of large bushes. Also, there was cabbage growing too. 
Every other plot had its own water spigot and check out these water barrels on the back side of the potting shed. Cute! There was a composting area, larger than I've seen before. In fact, the composting area appears to be as large as my yard. I really enjoyed all of the gardening signs and row addresses too.


Later I found Common Ground's website and that they are accepting applications for 2014.
So very tempting.
I realize I have a backyard and plenty of space to garden at home, but I imagine there is this sense of kinship at a community garden that you don't get all by yourself in your backyard. Plus, there is still so much I can learn from other gardeners, new and experienced. If I thought I could drive to NRH once a week, I would sign up now.
Perhaps I'll look for a place closer to home.

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