Thursday, July 25, 2013

Garden Bed #4 Update

This bed has done really well this year. It has produced a variety of tomatoes, basil, chives and plenty of weeds. As I was looking back on my blog I realized that many of the plants I said I was going to grow in this bed, didn't actually happen. I had really good intentions, I even made a map of what I had planted. But somehow, I managed to end up with different plants.

All of the plants in this bed are seedlings I grew from seed in my kitchen last January. Starting from the top left we have Chocolate Cherry Tomato, Lake Tomato, Roma Tomato. Bottom: Chocolate Cherry Tomato, Basil, Chives, Cherokee Purple Tomato.

I was attempting to have a more organized and easily identifiable garden this year, however it is always fun to have mix ups and surprises.

Speaking of which, look what popped up in my compost bed (which also hasn't been weeded) -

It looks like some type of squash.

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